This Tin Lunch Box was made by Thermos in 1963.

The Front Side of the Box Shows a Cross Section of the Mercury Manned Space Flight Module, Showing John Glenn Operating the Capsule.

The Reverse Side Shows the Atlas Rocket Launching from the Space Pad.

These Images Were Illegally Lifted From National Geographic, and Thermos Received a Cease and Desist Order and Immediately Stopped Production.

As Such, These Boxes are VERY RARE and Desirable to Collectors!! This one is one of the 10% that had a white handle and were silver; the rest had a red handle and were gold in color.

This was MY lunchbox in second grade! For Kids Like Me in the 1960’s and 1970s, the Cartoon Characters and Pop Stars on Their Metal Lunch Boxes Were More Important Than the Sliced Apples and PB&Js Inside.

In Fact, the Coolness of Your Lunch Box Could Determine Your Social Status For the Whole Year!

This Rare Vintage Lunch Kit is in Fantastic Condition Considering It’s Use and Age. The Colors are Bright and Vibrant With Minimal Dents and Paint Losses.

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