Located in my Marietta Queen of Hearts Antiques Booth

Antique Bottle ca 1875 “Coca Mariani | Paris” -a Bordeaux produced wine infused with coca leaves called Vin Mariani. Originally formulated in the 1860s by M. Angelo Mariani. Dark green bottle with applied lip 9″ tall x 4″ wide.

From 1895 Advertisement:

is the largest buyer in the world of Peruvian cocoa, selecting the best leaves for use in his preparations and re-selling the balance to the general trade. He alone possesses the secret of extracting all the tonic and aromatic principles in the cocoa leaf, and at the same time, eliminating the alkaloid. It is the secret, together with the magnificent old Burgundy employed, that has given Vin Mariani its worldwide fame. It is certainly the greatest tonic the world has ever known. It strengthens the nerves and gives tone to the general system. It is invaluable as a spring medicine when the system is weakened by changes of temperature and especially susceptible to attacks of malaria and la grippe.

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