Suttles Art, Antiques & Cool Stuff

Distributing the Art -&- Collected Relics of three artists

Bill, Pat & Todd Suttles.



Hi! -My name is Todd Suttles. -I opened Suttle Arts to create an avenue to pass our “treasures” on to others.

“Like most artists, we drew inspiration from our wanderings among our world’s people, places, and things. We collected as we roamed, and much of it came home in an attempt to hold on to the inspiration we felt from it.

-And we created……


you are looking at it…

Suttles Art, Antiques & Cool Stuff

I hope you will find a treasure here, too

-todd suttles

Todd – Pat – Bill

Our Artworks are available in our home studio by appointment, here online, in galleries, and in various stores)